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School Notebook



  • Gas or electric bill in the resident’s name issued by Con Edison, National Grid or LIPA.

  • Documentation or letter or letterhead from a federal, state or local government agency, including the IRS, the City Housing Authority, Human Resources Administration, the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS).

  • An original lease agreement, deed or mortgage statement for the residence.

  • A current property tax bill for the residence.

  • A water bill for the residence.

  • Official payroll documentation from an employer issued within the past 60 days such as a form submitted for tax withholding purposes or payroll receipt.  A letter on the employer’s letterhead is not adequate.

  • Proof of Age:    Birth certificate (Original), baptismal certificate, passport, immigration record

  • Proof of Immunization:     5 DPT, 4 Polio, 2 MMR, 3 Hep B and Varicella

  • In order to expedite the registration process,  you may download the forms below and bring them in with you:



Please review the NYC DOE's page regarding Gifted and Talented admissions here 

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Art and Craft


PS85Q offers a full-day, high-quality pre-K, teachers are sparking wonder and igniting learning in our children. Pre-K for All gives children stronger math and reading skills in elementary school…and a better chance at success in life. 

  • For more information, please visit the Pre-Kindergarten admissions page here      and be directed to the NYC DOE Pre-Kindergarten website.

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Kindergarten Classroom


PS85Q offers four full-day Kindergarten classes.  A Gifted and Talented, a Greek Immersion, a General Education and an ICT.  Students are immersed in learning in a nurturing, caring environment. 

Students in kindergarten experience a balance of literature and informational texts in the context of instruction designed to create opportunities for them to engage with a variety of topics, and texts, and have discussions about texts that support language development and knowledge building. Creating this learning environment for emergent readers can take a variety of formats, including read-alouds, shared readings, paired readings, learning activities and play that incorporates literacy materials, talking, experimenting with written materials, and other literacy activities. 


In Kindergarten, instructional time should focus on two areas: (1) developing a sound sense of numbers by representing and comparing numbers, initially using sets of objects; (2) recognizing and describing shapes and using spatial relations. More learning time in Kindergarten should be devoted to number than to any other topic. 



Kindergarten students will also exposed to Technology, Theatre, Music, and Art within their schedule.


All schools are expected to serve the majority of special education students in their community, and all schools are required to provide, at minimum, English as a New Language (ENL) programs to their English Language Learners.   If you have any questions about applying for Kindergarten, please call 718-935-2009.

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